The eLearning Value Proposition – The Bullet Points

Here are  the bullet points that I used to record Episode 14 of eLearning Radio. You can listen to the podcast and follow along here…



These are aspects of the eLearning Value Propostion that are of benefit to both the learner and the organization.


  • Study When Appropriate
  • Small time increments
  • Study What’s Appropriate
    • Focus on the areas needed

For the Student

  • When has time to focus
  • Uninterrupted

For your Organization

  • “Down time”

Device Independent

Many Devices – If properly designed you can access on a multitude of devices

  • Smart Phone
  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Nokia / Microsoft Phone?

Pad Device

  • Android
  • Ipad
  • Kindle Fire



  • More than just text
  • Audio and video capability

Network (LAN)

  • Internal to your organization
  • Most secure

Intranet / Extranet

  • Internal and limited external access
  • Local web servers – more protected

Your website / URL

Cloud based

  • Cloud services

Format Independent

Check out eLearning Radio – Ep # 1 – 20+ eLearning Mediums


  • eLearning Application
  • Lessons
  • Sections
  • Quiz enabled

Somewhere In Between

  • Audio Podcast
  • Video Podcast
  • Text / Video Blog


  • Forum
  • Q and A
  • Twitter
    • Interact in real time…

Social Sites

  • Share information
  • Get guidance

Media Independent


  • The basic building block of most training


  • When necessary


  • Audio can add personality


  • Engaging though can be a time suck


  • Can be very engaging
  • Very expensive
  • Very time consuming

Delivery Independent

Timing choice…


  • Consumed real time
  • Such as a webinar


  • Consumed by student after the fact
  • Most eLearning

The Organization

Those aspects of the eLearning Value Proposition specific to the organization

Value Added

  • Develop Once
    • Deliver Many Times
    • Instructors time better spent

Eliminate Waste

  • Manuals
  • Paper
  • Green Learning


  • Process to the learning development and delivery
  • Deploy
  • Update
  • Progress


  • Consistent
  • Same Content
  • Every Learner

Design / Development

  • Rapid
  • Re purpose Content
    • Use in a course
    • Use a stand alone
  • For instance
    • FAQ’s or a Glossary

Learning Management System (LMS)


  • Competency
  • Test / Quiz enabled
  • Training History
    • By Student
    • By Course
  • Survey
    • Improve content

Cost Savings

  • Travel
  • Accommodations
  • Trainer Time
  • Facility Cost
  • Paper
  • Time away from production

The Learner

These are aspects of the eLearning Value Proposition specific to the learner

Reduced Stress

  • Own Pace
  • No Peer Pressure

Power to Choose


  • The best time for the learner


  • You study
    • At a coffee shop
    • In you car
    • On an airplane
    • At the Gym
    • Anywhere else that makes the most sense

What Device

  • You use the device that’s available or that is most conducive for learning particular content

Length of Study Sessions

  • In Byte sized chunks

Explore on Own

  • Dig deeper
    • Further Details
    • Greater understanding
  • Definitions
  • FAQ’s

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