Hi there… my name is Rick Nielsen … and thanks for stopping by…

Technology has been my business and my passion for a way long time!!! I have been a Manager of Information Systems and a Systems integrator for going on 30 years.

I have been developing eLearning applications in the private and public sectors since 2001When I started developing eLearning applications in 2000, it was a dramatically different world than it is today – Technology has advanced to such a degree that on one hand development can be much faster and on the other hand much more complex. The choices are growing everyday in deciding which way to go – the options just continue to multiply.

I have been an avid practitioner of the martial arts since high school! But now that I am a bit older, I break too easily! So I now study Tai Chi – I figure that as long as I can stand on two feet I can continue my journey.

I am married and have been blessed with two wonderful kids ….

I love to fly fish and living in Northern California have NO excuse when it comes to getting in to some good fishing.

It is my goal that eLearning Radio acts as an aid for those that are thinking of implementing eLearning in their organizations and as a “shot in the arm” to those that are developing but just need a different perspective.