6 Tips to Convert a PowerPoint to an Engaging eLearning App

This is a response from a listener that is working to convert PowerPoints to eLearning  content – focused on a younger crowd…

Here are some preliminary thoughts to get going, but I will continue to roll out more posts and maybe a podcast ep on the subject as time permits…

  • Make sure that you have a clear idea of the session learning objectives, what are the main topics to be covered and comprehended?
  • Put the PowerPoint in preview mode and move through it with new eyes. Would it make sense to you with no outside input?
  • If possible, be in contact with the subject matter expert (sme) that created the PowerPoint. This is invaluable as we both know that questions are going to arise that only he or she can answer.
  • Not sure what tools you are using to convert the PPT to an eLearning app,  but there are some out there that would make your life a lot easier like Lectora Snap and Articulate (These are both Flash based so be advised)
  • I know this sounds archaic, but print out the PowerPoint slides and lay out the slides on a table… Reorder, delete, combine for consistency and better flow…
  • And to answer your question about working with a younger crowd, or frankly anyone in this day and age, keep each screen uncluttered.
    • Put as few words on each slide as possible,
    • keep each slide to one topic and then
    • graphics WHEN they aid in the learning experience…
    • augment with audio narrative for auditory learners…

This is a big topic so that’s it for now – more to follow…




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  • Romeo
    January 19th, 2012

    Hi Rick,

    Thanks for these tips! I will put them into practice (I use Snap by Lectora) and will let you know of my progress.



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