Dropbox – My Top Pick for 2011

If you develop eLearning, you know that it’s all about content:

  • Reviewing it,
  • Revising it and
  • Sharing it…


Dropbox is a killer app for all of these and I have not seen a rival in 2011.

Dropbox is a free “cloud storage” service that allows you to easily store, access and share files of any type with anyone else who has web access.

You can also share files on virtually any device, including PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android and I am sure that I missed some. This is killer if you are as mobile as I am!

The thing that really makes Dropbox a no-brainer is that I have shared files with a multitude of friends and clients and I have never had a complaint about it being hard to figure out.

After you download and install the small Dropbox app on a device, usually a Mac or PC to start, you simply drop files into the newly created My Dropbox folder (PC – Not sure what this is called on a Mac) and those files are automatically uploaded to your Dropbox account on the web

Files Wherever You Need Them

Then to access those files on another machine or device, you simply install the Dropbox app on that device, enter your user name and password and Dropbox syncs the files that were originally on the first one with the new machine.

Anytime you add, update, or delete files on any device with Dropbox access, those modifications are replicated across all devices automatically. With a decent connection, depending on file size of course, this update usually happens in a matter of seconds.

People Gotta Share Stuff

Here are a couple of sharing options that I use ALL the time…

  • First, you can share any folder in Dropbox with anyone else simply by right clicking on the folder, sharing it and then inviting others whether they are a Dropbox user or not (it will invite them).
  • Second, you can drop a file in the Dropbox public folder, right click on it, and “copy the public link” and then just email it to whomever you want. Beats the heck out of FTP. Just delete the file from the folder when you are done.


More to follow!


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